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Why? It is because of our patented products, and our attention to details. Dakota mills are based on the time tested mills that where made in Chicago from 1915 till around 1950. It is are mission to use the best details of this era, improve what can be improved, and still provide true interchangeability with all the 602,702,and 802 mills which have been made foreign and domestic.

The patented Dakota timeable spoke shown above was a simple solution to the problem of having the spoke clips line up.The original Chicago mills had a spoke which was solid, worked fine as the hub and spoke where timed to each other. When production left Chicago and was done in various, domestic, and foreign locations this was not done or not done consistently. Installers where left with the choice of twisting the spokes which is time consuming. Other methods of timing are lead washers or backing the spoke out until they line up. Both eventually strips out the spoke and hub.

Some other notable Dakota products include, to the left is our double nutted pump rods made of fabricated steel the strongest made. Above left, our tower x-brace rods are made with a wrap around method instead of the rod splitting method and are much stronger. We offer an outstanding new hot dipped steel hood. 8' and 10' mills at this time only.Far above right, are steel pinon gears are made to a 25-28 rockwell hardness and machined to a fine finish. They are the strongest longest lasting 702 gears available. The keyways in our pinions and main shafts are an interference fit and we are the only manufacturer to still do this. This is a very small portion of what we have to offer.